Welcome to Anita Hadjur Photography.

Anita is a Wedding & Portrait Photographer serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) including Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, Mississauga, and Toronto.

Photography services offered include Wedding, Engagement, Child, Newborn, Baby, Maternity/Prenatal, and Family portraiture for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) area including Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Hamilton and Toronto.

Services and Geographic areas include:
Oakville Wedding Photographer, Oakville Portrait Photographer, Oakville Family Photographer, Oakville Infant Photographer, Oakville Newborn Photographer, Oakville Baby Photographer, Oakville Wedding and Engagement Photographer, Oakville Special Event Photographer, Oakville Maternity Photographer, Oakville Prenatal Photographer, Oakville Children's Photographer, Burlington Wedding Photographer, Burlington Portrait Photographer, Burlington Family Photographer, Burlington Infant Photographer, Burlington Newborn Photographer, Burlington Baby Photographer, Burlington Engagement Photographer, Burlington Special Event Photographer, Burlington Maternity Photographer, Burlington Prenatal Photographer, Burlington Children's Photographer, Toronto Wedding Photographer, Toronto Child Photographer, Toronto Portrait Photographer, Toronto Family Photographer, Toronto Infant Photographer, Toronto Newborn Photographer, Toronto Baby Photographer, Toronto Engagement Photographer, Toronto Special Event Photographer, Toronto Maternity Photographer, Toronto Prenatal Photographer, Toronto Children's Photographer, Toronto Toddler Photographer, Toronto Event Photographer, Toronto Professional Headshots Photographer, Mississauga Wedding Photographer, Mississauga Portrait Photographer, Mississauga Family Photographer, Mississauga Infant Photographer, Mississauga Newborn Photographer, Mississauga Baby Photographer, Mississauga Engagement Photographer, Mississauga Special Event Photographer, Mississauga Maternity Photographer, Mississauga Prenatal Photographer, Mississauga Children's Photographer, Hamilton Wedding Photographer, Hamilton Portrait Photographer, Hamilton Family Photographer, Hamilton Infant Photographer, Hamilton Newborn Photographer, Hamilton Baby Photographer, Hamilton Engagement Photographer, Hamilton Special Event Photographer, Hamilton Maternity Photographer, Hamilton Prenatal Photographer, Hamilton Children's Photographer, Etobicoke Wedding Photographer, Etobicoke Child Photographer, Etobicoke Portrait Photographer, Etobicoke Family Photographer, Etobicoke Infant Photographer, Etobicoke Newborn Photographer, Etobicoke Baby Photographer, Etobicoke Engagement Photographer, Etobicoke Special Event Photographer, Etobicoke Maternity Photographer, Etobicoke Prenatal Photographer, Etobicoke Children's Photographer, Etobicoke Toddler Photographer, Etobicoke Event Photographer, Etobicoke Professional Headshots Photographer